In this age of digital dating, booty calls, hook ups, friends with benefits, clubbing and pubbing as well as the usual blind dates, covid19 restrictions, workplace relations, and mutual interest groups, there are more ways to meet a lover or partner than ever before on the planet.

Yet, it seems everyone has had at least one sticky, difficult, unfulfilling, confusing, drama-filled, intense situation or issue riddled relationship, especially when relating with someone sexually?

The Four Baskets combines structure with the ability to tailor each basket for your personal needs and desires, providing a revolutionary framework for easily navigating any relationship!

Being both practical and flexible, Dating by Design is a dynamic model guiding you to enjoy sexual relationships while having no drama, less hurt and heartbreak, less stress, less confusion, but way more pleasure and fun!… In other words, more emotional balance, physical health & vitality, greater peace of mind, a clear head and conscience, feeling spiritually fired up, passionate, hopeful, creatively juicy and sexually alive!

Know what to do and be a better You!

Truly Enjoy Dating, Love and Relationships!


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