When it comes to understanding ourselves,

there is no greater workshop on the planet than the one titled ‘relationship’. 

Couple Looking Down

Most people find relating and relationships challenging, yet have the experience of

“You cant live with them and you cant live without them”. 

This double bind challenge seems to breed an eternal conflict where individuals swing from

extremes of withdrawal and total abstinence to commitment and total investment, then back

again, leading to a rollercoaster ride of love, sex and intimacy.


No matter what type of form you relate to another person in, from casual, committed, monogamous, open or polyamorous relating, the skill and understanding of negotiating healthy and successful Sexual and Relationship Agreements is the key to your success!

"The Four Baskets" provides a roadmap by which to navigate the terrain of the dating world. There are signposts and distinctions to be aware of and to help you find your way. The Four Baskets can create positive change in the creation of a relationship or our existing relationships smoothing out any rough spots, avoiding the pitfalls and potholes, leading you to healthy, balanced, passionate and blissful new relationships. 

As each one of us becomes able to navigate and create healthier, happier relations with others, especially those personal intimate relations, then on a larger scale we are supporting real change in how we relate to others on a larger scale to create a healthier, happier world. The skills and approach are the same even if the outcomes are different.

"The Four Baskets provides simple, clear, practical insights and strategies that are applicable on an every day basis for the most effective, rewarding results in relating sexually in the modern dating world.